Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sherri Papini. The Super Mom Saga - Part 3





I can’t in good earnest say that this is indeed Part 3, as in, an extension of the story that everyone knows so far. It’s merely just more information, maybe some you don’t know. I honestly don’t feel like putting any more thought into a catchier title than SAGA part next. If anyone wanted their life to be turned into a Soap Opera, without ever being in the damn thing or having lines, it’s these people, and Our Girl.

Our WHITEST GIRL CONTEST girl. There are so many involved, that filtering the truth through the Bull Shit Sieve is almost as nauseating as it must have been to see her for the first time, and by the time it comes out, it’s dripping with eye-rolling rumors. What IS the truth?!

Every story, rumor, thrill ride, tasty treat and ‘Guesssss what iiiiii knowwwwww’? troll bounces around the internet, muddling every sensational story that pulsates on the internet waves, while specialists discuss theories on the shiny tube and then slowly cut to fade away while the story dies..Week after week. What story? Where is the story?! Where is the press? IS there a story?!!

Maybe there just is no story. Maybe Sherri just wanted a different lie, and got one. Maybe she wanted attention. You got it there sister. Did she really ‘Gone Girl’? Was Keith cheating on her? Was Sherri cheating on Keith? Let’s talk real. People have cheated, it’s happened. Not everyone cheats with the same/opposite sex that you would expect. Maybe there’s a whole other side that’s just too private to throw out there. Either way, these are some good hiding, secret keepers. Maybe Sherri’s a secret bad girl. After all, she successfully got herself unabducted, and since no one in the Papini Family is telling Cameron Gamble to STFU, because NO, you had NOTHING to do with it, then

A) He DID have something to do with her release or
B) He didn’t and go ahead bury yourself you weirdo.

If you look at A, you’ll notice that yes, he DID have something to do with it, and continues to have stuff to do with it, and other stuff, and other stuff, and other stuff and wow, I hope he actually does SOMETHING one of these days.
               A hostage negotiator / Kidnapper Whisperer would not advertise their business, but if that WAS there business, wouldn’t you have had a website with your name on it A LONG DAMN time ago?

So many questions.
          Some things to consider, if you happen to wake up in a strange surrounding; it’s VERY possible to be drugged and raped, and NOT know it.

RAPE is not ALWAYS violent, gory or brutally rough.
Rape IS about CONTROL.

It IS possible to be drugged, and NOT know you were raped.  
SO…how does Sherri know she was not drugged?!?!
It is possible to be unconscious, be raped, and be impregnated, and could have been given an STD!!! Why would she be so sure that she was never touched?!  

I have faith that Sherri will be able to return to putting her life back together for her kids sake. Putting her in jail if a hoax isn't going to fix anything.
I have officially gone down the rabbit hole so far that I found myself at the Mad Hatter’s Tea party, only after a while, I WAS the Mad Hatter.

When his mom went to get the kids, did she have 2 of her own car seats or booster seats, or were they left at the day care? Why were they left there if so?

            What is the difference between bridge of nose broken, and nose broken? I see none. The bridge of your nose is exactly the part of your nose that you break. Sometimes it’s broken sideways, and rarely it’s broken straight down or up, which can lead to death. Everything below that is cartilage. I think it’s more likely that (the skin on) the bridge of her nose was broken. It’s possible that it was from a head butt, but not actually forceful enough to break the nose. If her nose was truly broken, someone would have had to set it or she would look funny. Broken noses don’t heal straight just because you want them to. It’s takes a lot of work to set a nose.

Why are no angry family members actively pursuing kidnapers? Does the family call LE a lot and press for answers? WHY IS THERE NO ‘JUSTICE FOR SHERRI PAPINI’ WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK PAGE?

          There are a lot of similarities in stories with her, and in the local news. Add the two Hispanic women with very similar details arrested nearby prior to her disappearance, plus the bandanas Keith and her son wore on Halloween. And that episode of Forensic Files the week before, the half a dozen “We don’t use Social Media accounts” Sherri had, a Sugar Daddy that had the right kind of sugar maybe, Keith’s old Criminal Justice books, the boredom and humdrum of a 30’s SAHM and I can almost smell the copy of Gone Girl burning in the fire place, with a note sitting next to the warm, American Flag encrusted, hot Apple Pie waiting for Keith when he got home.

         But alas! The moment he walked in the door and she wasn’t there, he knew it wasn’t right. What time did she usually drop the kids off at day care those days? It was definitely before 11 right? And I keep reading that she picked them up at 3:30 (She either had a strict routine, or she was always late, depending on who’s talking).
         She also took her kids to a daycare that wasn’t blowing up 10 phone numbers of known immediate relatives I’m SURE a mother would give several in case of emergency, in case she happened to be 1-3 FREAKING HOURS LATE AND NO CALL? As a twice 'Home Day Care' owner ran, once with the State and once unlicensed, and now a registered private school homeschooling my kids, I implore you, find a new day care.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that Two Hispanic Women have changed their identity by now. A little wax and some hair dye, and boom, you’ve just added 1 million Hispanic women to the descriptions. Wouldn’t it be likely that the alleged abductors have changed their identities by now? I seriously doubt they are walking around with bandanas on their face.  Somebody must have just seen “Born in East L.A.” Heyyyyy, whassssssshappppennnningggg.

I mentioned on Reddit just once that I followed her on Pinterest, and got notifications daily that she was liking or pinning things, so I said “Ya, she’s online every day, so I’m pretty sure she’s in here”, on this thread reading things. 

I’ve known this for 2 months because of the notifications, but apparently me saying on Reddit the other day got her attention and within hours it was changed to something like “Red Green Blue 67483756849”.

Sherri’s most Googled word is ‘S’. Google fills in the rest for her.



I asked about further mention of abuse, or from who, if any was talked about. What was she like as person, and what types of things did she do. Give me some kind of picture of this woman.

 A.I. >  The only thing we ever discussed was her ex supposedly kidnapping and torturing her. We didn’t talk about family much. (I’m guessing this person wasn’t big on knowing lots of details)

 A.I. > I know something that no one has mentioned is her selling her eggs for $. Out here, I know she did that twice. Not sure if she did it anywhere else.  She doesn’t have a college degree. She never really had a true career or long term work, but definitely likes nice things.

 ERRRR… hold up, push the brakes. Selling her eggs? I’m pretty sure I heard that somewhere and thought it was just another rumor. Ok, I'll bite.

Me…. I hear the egg selling thing was really a rumor based on the ridiculous amount of money being thrown around. Did she say how much?
What kind of job and place did she have? Did you live together? Were you roommates? Did you hang out and party much?

 A.I. >  She got 8K the first time around for selling, and a little more the second time.

I researched this, and in LA, it’s not unusual to get 10K. In fact, I saw websites complaining about certain places getting more, and that 10K should be a cap. Hmmm, not totally unbelievable, but this was still over 10 years ago right?

A.I. > We never lived together, but she was always spending the night at my place. She was living with a roommate or ex when we met.
(So, not sure if AI was friend, main friend, or side friend, but feels sorry for friend. Friend seems like a nice AI)

 A.I. > She worked as a car salesman for a short period of time but wasn’t too into the job and quit.
(Has anyone heard that before?)


Does anyone have that picture? A picture of her sitting on a hospital bed next to a lady with red/ish hair from her photobucket? UPDATE: SOMEONE SENT IT TO ME.

This first picture is the one described by Alleged Insider. A woman (Name known but withheld) with reddish hair is having her picture taken with Sherri. This is supposedly when she sold an egg from her ovary. The second picture is from a different unknown hospital stay.

 Me > …….(UMMMMMMM WOW.)
I’ll have to research that….

Was that red headed girl friend or family?

 A.I. > She was just ‘hanging out’ with a friend of mine. Sherri was instant best friends with her, and then after being driven to and from the surgery, became enemies. (Thanks for driving me!)

 A.I.> She was never a bad person though, and what I know about her doesn’t make sense with the rest of the story that everyone is saying about her.

Me> Well her photobucket is deleted. I can’t find any picture of her with a red head on a hospital bed. Do you have any pictures of her at all? (Anything you can send me at all?) I mean, I heard about her with pictures of men on her photobucket, but she was married, and still had pictures of her with exes?

A.I.>  LOL They weren’t her exes. ‘IIII” used to be on her photobucket (WHERE ARE THESE PICTURES?) so I made sure to go through them to make sure there was none of me in there. It was entertaining, to know who everyone was in there, and to see what other people were saying, and not know what they were talking about ….Like the exes, or the “boob job” talk, it’s funny because she is naturally busty and petite.  

...OK people!!I don’t know about you, but I don’t let all my friends touch my boobs. I’m going to assume this person knows what Sherri’s boobs look and feel like, and proved that there was no boob job by agreeing to a boob exam, merely speculating.

 A.I.>  She didn’t look like she had any injuries to her face in those pictures they showed of her at the house. It’s funny, I remember picking her up super early from home without makeup and she would be covered just like that, from head to toe, and looked the same.

 A.I. confirmed to me is not ‘Mexican’ (not that half of white people know the difference between Mexican and Hispanic or Latino).

I’m your basic “White girl after 300 years of European Orgies.” With that little side Safari trip.

I can’t deny that most of it makes sense, but I’m waiting on evidence. But if it's true, hey. If not, I'm just another lost blogger throwing out theories.

 I have someone else that I’m talking to, but they seem more curious in who I am. Yo, I found YOU, and you verified sigggghhh. Just answer the questions! lol So far, they knew her, they don't know her now, and not sure want to say much more.

Now more rumors flying around, but this time of marijuana, Kratom, barbiturates, and opiates, and diazepam, benzoates, and I don’t know how many others but Isaidemall.
There’s places to hide, but unless the children are going to be sent to a commune in another country, then no. Kids are going to need to go to school eventually, parks, McDonald’s playground, the carnival, haircuts, pony rides….they’re kids. They have no desire to sit in a desolated cabin and never see other kids. You can only stay cooped up for long. The kids will drive them back into the public, and the kids will be the catalyst that gets them an ounce of privacy.

When ZERO clues plus
            ZERO sense adds up to
            TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, well then

I hope that you are receiving the mental health help you need, and the first step is admitting you need help. 


  1. Dangerous to take eggs from women just because you think they're cute. Mental illness is a terrible genetic disease.

  2. Sherri and her husband are so full of complete shit. They're ok with what they out their babies thru?? Sickos!!