Friday, January 27, 2017

Sherri Papini. The Super Mom Saga Part 2


Again, I will edit or retract this blog post as evidence is proven, or LE announces suspects.

When Keith Papini sat down for the 20/20 interview that aired on December 2, 2016, it had been 8 days since Sherri Papini was found. She had been back since Thanksgiving Day, Thursday November 24, 2016, after being gone 22 days. 22 days gone from her husband, her son, her daughter, her family, her home. Luckily KP was able to gather a large A-Team support group of family, close friends, private detectives, hostage negotiators, and found comfort with good ol family friend, Lisa Jeter, LJ, who SP used to babysit for, and who facilitated so much help with this case.

  If you’ve ever had to be away from your family, you know the turmoil that goes on in your mind and heart not knowing what’s happening at home. Most moms would be worried about the dad and kids. Did he turn off the oven? I hope he remembered to pack extra diapers. Oh no, what if one is sick, I hope he knows which one gets which medicine. They’re probably eating cereal for dinner, pfffft.

In all whole hearted honesty, these are things I would wonder about my old man and the kids. “Let me guess. Nobody did the dishes right?!” I mean, every mom has sworn at one time or another, “Just watch. One of these days, I’m gonna GO ON STRIKE, AND YOU'RE GOING TO DO IT ALLLLLL!!!!”
Ok, I should maybe go talk to someone about that, but anyway Sherri went and got herself gone, girl. #knowwhatimsayingirlfriend.

But this element had a twist, Keith didn’t know where she was, or so the polygraph said, and if she was on strike, he probably wasn’t anticipating how long she was going to be gone, or he was aware, and just gave his son hopeful advice. He passed a polygraph. He willingly gave up all phones, laptops, electronics, (that the Sheriff knows of, I mean, even I have a phone I don’t tell anybody about, until now) and if he had anything to hide, maybe he was smart enough to not leave a trace, or she may have had something to hide, and didn’t think it would get this far, or everyone is innocent and she really got kidnapped and then returned for free. Shit, come to think of it, I’d be hella embarrassed if I was a kidnap re-ject and they didn’t even take the money, and just tossed my ass out. “Fuck the money, give that bitch back!”

At least they made sure she was in ‘treat and release’ condition, and not dehydrated, or injured. But, she wasn’t on vacation…that we know of.  KP was able to tell us a little about it; in fact as he tells the story on 20/20 (thinking back to the GMA statement too); I completely forget that she’s back already. His story is so compelling! His story about everything that he saw and heard and did up to, and during her disappearance was told, including after she came back as well.

Here’s where I just don’t get why he said certain things, at this timeline in the story. The one statement that he made regarding not knowing how Sherri had been abducted, (in fact everything he said about her time gone that he didn’t know about) but was sure it was because maybe they asked for directions or was having car trouble, and Sherri was just being nice, because there’s no way that she would walk up to 2 strange guys in masks, and …….. Hold on. This is an interview that he is doing AFTER she is back. WHY is he speculating as to HOW she was abducted? DIDN’T HE ASK HER?! Why is he giving us possible reasons HOW she was kidnapped?

Why is he throwing out theories when she’s obviously right here! She’s back!


Since it appears to be a hoax, and it’s probably all Keith’s fault, then he’s going to talk about how it all affected him. He talks about him, and how she looked disgusted him. He doesn’t talk about anything personal on Sherri’s behalf. No statement from her.

****This 2nd part of The Saga will be focusing on various parts of the story, some more details about players in the game, along with new information that has come to my attention.
DON’T FORGET TO SCROLL ALL THE WAY TO THE END. I am working on at least 1 more part and I can hear everyone now editing, making sure that they said alleged and rumored.
(Makes note to self to go check Part 1. Will probably procrastinate)****

              Cameron Gamble CG, the Kidnapping International Man of Mystery, but with better teeth, is responsible for threatening kidnappers on YouTube and getting Sherri home safely without ever paying a dime. OR ELSE. That works! Way to go!! You should start a business where you do that full time! Most people are doing ok financially when they start a not-for-profit company, not the kind of ‘ok financially’ to file bankruptcy the next year. He has claimed to train tens of thousands of people in his training sessions.  
               Has ANYONE ever heard of him outside of Redding? Is there any testimony of the many people he has saved from trafficking?

               Christine Everson – The woman who thought she saw her near Redding a few days before she was released in Woodland. She claims to have told the woman she looked like the one missing. Does she need help? She could help with her escape by going into the restroom. Just say the word, and she’ll help, especially since she helps victims of sex trafficking, and her husband is wondering why she’s not minding her own business. Aiding trafficked victims means you’re putting your nose in other people’s business, by stepping in and saving lives. I guess her husband saw it differently. She didn’t help her escape, but she did leave, and then call 911. If that wasn’t Sherri, I sure hope she’s ok.
               CG and CE both go to Bethel church. They both work in aiding victims of human trafficking, but don’t know each other. They should be a team.

Rod Rodriguez III, Keith step dad. He has been an active spokesperson of the Papini family on various online platforms, news articles, and random story tellers and bloggers like me. There seems to be a sincere closeness with everyone, as is reported that KP’s kids go there for grandparent family time. The children seem to have a lot of people in their life that love them and protect them. They are going to need it. This case is likely to cause some issues later, but at least they are young enough to probably not remember much. I wish no ill will on anyone involved directly or indirectly.
It was rumored that KP and SP had a fb page, and was friends with the family but there is none that exist now, and since KP stated on 20/20 that they were private and didn’t do SM, (Except maybe FB, Twitter, Poshmark, Mercari, Photobucket, Pinterest, etc) I find it odd that I had to download a few apps on my phone in order to find out that half these accounts either he deleted, or she did when she got back. Regardless, KP mom Kathleen Papini and step dad Rod do not appear to be the type of people that would be involved in a scandalous hoax. Most people who are mature, have established businesses and roots, and an ounce of common sense wouldn’t want to be seen in bad light, as the kind that has been brought on by Sherri being possibly abducted.

 When I said indirectly, it’s just that, indirectly. Sometimes people are involved, and sometimes you’re just drug into it.
Let’s say your neighbor is suddenly involved in a high profile murder and your home is under a microscope, but after a while it’s not all about what’s going on next door, the media is bored and suddenly wants to focus on you and that your hair has been in the same bun for 2 days, or that your kids are dirty, or you have expired tags on your car, and whether you like it or not people are all up in your face and dissecting your life!

Unfortunately, there are so many skeptics regarding this entire ordeal, that one strives to find the words needed to let bullies know that they are people, just like you and me, and when tragedy strikes, none of us can sit back and say “I have nothing to hide. There’s nothing I did 20 years ago that would come back and bite me now. One thing has nothing to do with the other.”

No. Your dirty laundry is aired. It’s aired, pee stains and all. It’s happened to me, and you just gotta roll with it.

Let me tell you just how related a story of “I was kidnapped and beaten by my ex!” is. This is a rumor that she told while living in Redding, in San Ramon, in Huntington Beach, and everywhere in between and back to Redding, she had an ex that ‘beat and kidnapped’ her. Now if this true, then this has happened at least 4 times now, this one being the obvious longest and most publicized. But Redding is where CG and LJ made this all they could be.

The very sad and ironic event that unfolded not far from (the exact point of abduction is not known yet of SP) where she supposedly went missing, was a girl by the name of Tera Smith. On August 22, 1998 at the age of 16 she, who in that same area, down the road where KP was living in his childhood home, as a young teen around the same age, disappeared and has not come home.

So many young women didn’t come home. Families everywhere are waiting for their loved one to come home.
I don’t know the kind of strength and will, these moms and dads have to have, in order to fight through the depths of grief and despair, for these families to carry on, sometimes becoming a beacon in the night for those others that are missing.  

Much love to all those with a heavy heart due to not knowing where your child is.

On that day in November that Sherri went missing, Keith’s sister Suzanne Papini texted around 4pm to ask why the phones were out for 3 hours. What happened? Why were the phones not on? Was there a service problem? Did his sister call his house phone and ask Sherri if her cell was out too? Was Sherri there? Did anyone else notice that the phones weren’t working? Did anyone request the phones be off, or was this a general maintenance issue?

               That time frame would put the phones being off by at least 1. BUT ISN’T THAT DURING THE TIME KEITH CHECKED HIS PHONE AND FOUND SHERRI TEXTED AT 10:37? Was his phone in his car, and he never looked at it once all day from 7-4? AND WHY does he insist she went jogging at 11? Did she usually go after dropping the kids off? How long did the kids usually stay on Wednesdays or every 2nd of the month? Was it PT every day, or PT a few full days of the week?

When did she start jogging, and what was her normal route?

KP went to phone service store after work. What time would he normally have gotten home? Since his sister was able to text at 4, why didn’t Keith reply to Sherri? Why didn’t he try getting a hold of her on the way home? Did he contact his sister and tell her the phones were working, and has anyone heard from Sherri? Was he worried at the phone store when he couldn’t reach her, or had he not texted back or tried calling once all day? Was that normal? Don’t fairy tale love couples return each other’s texts? Was coming home at 5:50pm normal otherwise? Wasn’t he trying to get a hold of Sherri already?!

How much money total in donations did the family receive, not including the 50K in GFM?

               Sherri’s Past

Sherri graduated in 2001 and moved around to various cities, before returning to Redding in 2006, where it’s possible that one of these kidnappings occurred in 2006 around the time she may have gotten back in contact with Keith from years earlier. Did they not know each other their entire teen years, where that first kiss could have been rekindled?

She married David Dreyfus, a man in the military, and not around long enough to know that Sherri never took his name, or even told people she was married, even friends, boyfriends, maybe future husbands. Some things stay buried, until they get dug up by the media.

Dated other men, and married David in the 01-05 years.
Possible kidnapping in 2006 based on rumors from extended family
With Keith in 2006
Divorce to David Final in 2007
Engagement to Keith in 2008
Married 10/10/09.  

They had just had their 7 year wedding anniversary less than a month before disappearing. The infamous itch. I had that 7 year itch once. I scratched real real hard, and 220 pounds finally fell off.
Some other female is scratching it now. Good riddance.

Another added clue, no one knew SP had texted KP until KP let everyone know. But then admits that he ignored it, and they had no communication, but he is certain when she went jogging, and certain that she was abducted, and concludes this faster than a 3 year old can say ‘What’s that?’. Why tell people you ignored call? What’s normal, you go home or don’t, or it’s a tossup, or you never see your personal phone until you get off work? You want to let people know that she was around then, and THEN went jogging, or to let people know that she was texting him, and their fairy tale wasn’t so fairy, because he wanted it known that he was ignoring her texts. But doesn’t say he couldn’t text her back because the phones were out. Get your story straight dude.

WHY is there a police report with Lisa Jeter stating that she saw her at the mall? She has not denied or verified that. But it also set a time for when SP WASN’T missing. LJ made a lot of family statements, but neither KP nor anyone in family has yet to thank her. All the various sightings that day, the neighbors who drove by in the morning by the mailboxes that saw her wearing a certain type of clothing, and city workers, and no statements verifying or denying anything. Times don’t match. Sightings don’t match. Clothing spotted in doesn’t match. Places in town at specific times don’t correlate with the story that KP is hearing, and telling. (Part #3 may focus on timeline, evidence, and police call logs and reports.)

Sherri’s dad Richard Graeff, who’s Facebook, says lives in Redding, and his wife Loretta Graeff have managed AJ’s Mini Storage for years. This facility was quickly ruled out as having anything to do with her disappearance, which I assume can be easily done by opening every single storage and checking inside and examining hours of video surveillance. They were on top of that one.

His Facebook profile picture is of him, Sherri and sister Sheila. The sister has her hands folded on dad’s leg. Sherri is mildly leaning in. There’s something about the dad that gives me an off feeling.

The charlatans that come out, the cons, snakes, and magic makers, and potion healers and psychic charmers are a plenty ----whenever there is a hoax or kidnapping, or child disappeared, if no truth, or leads happens soon, then the opportunists comes out. They can guide you to the place that your mind wants you to go, the place with answers, where you’ll hear what you long to hear, whether it’s true or not. They have special abilities that the police don’t have. THEY can help you.

They just need a little money first for their special powers to work. And then magical miracles will rain down on you.

With Keith and Sherri, no one is going to admit that they are staying with them in privacy and now that the GoFundMe is down, I imagine donations are coming in the form of cash, in hand. They aren’t home, which thankfully doesn’t have a huge mortgage, since not everyone has the luxury of just moving or not coming home. And what about the kids? All their toys, their special things, are they on vacation? Do the kids even know what’s going on? Mommy was gone for 3 weeks, and now they are someone where else that isn’t home, going on 2 months now. Thank goodness that they weren’t in school, or that they were older and understood, or that they don’t have a house that’s going to foreclose if they don’t pay a bunch of money.

KENNETH PAPINI – Keith’s dad. I haven’t heard a lot about him, but after making a successful business name for himself, he seems to want as little to do with any fiasco as possible. I don’t have a lot of information on this individual yet. With all the fast cars and boats and helicopters and planes that everyone has on their profile, I’m sure this man has some cool hobby or invention that might be worth a Google. 
There was a fake Twitter account for KP and SP that got shut down. Lisa Jeter Twitter account is still up, and locked now. Doesn’t seem like a troll, when trolls usually want attention. They will give out false information just to watch people squirm with excitement and laugh at the confusion and pandemonium that sets in. Pathetic. They don’t care about the truth; they care about the attention, which makes them no different than the narcissist attention seeking compulsive liars that were all trying to make heads or tails of already! Trolls like to lead people on by saying they’re an insider (which they could be) and have juicy inside gossip (which they may have) and then might not get them verified, or they get scared, or their bullshit sets off everyone’s meter and poof, a Vetted Insider disappears. Hmmmm.

This has brought a lot of the family and friends from both sides together online, even if some of them are distant in real life, or on opposite sides of the fence with Sherri’s story, causing distance and mistrust.  

Some searchers have said that LE and volunteers were sometimes scattered. They didn’t have much to go on, and how far and how long do they keep looking, and in what direction? How much direction did LE give during the searches? How long did they search, for how many hours, of how many days a week?

I understand that after KP gave that statement to Good Morning America, a mere few days after home, which sounds more like Sherri’s insisting that he go tell the world about her, and the Sheriff was pretty upset that Keith revealed things that he obviously said would hinder the investigation. Is he dense, or did he do that on purpose?

On the day that SP was near I-5 waving down motorists, Allison Sutton was on trip up to the Pacific North West, and she just happened to be on I-5 right then, at that time, on Thanksgiving Day, to see a helpless woman waving something along the side of the freeway, in a desperate attempt to hide her chain gang paraphernalia, and hope to God that someone stops and rescues her, which someone does, and that person isn’t saying much either. I think I’d still be a little nervous of the people who stopped. What if a rapist was the first person to stop and help her? That’s some shitty luck.
Allison is the woman who thought she saw someone with long blonde hair. Short, medium, long, who knows. But if it wasn’t Sherri, I hope that woman got help.

Most of KP speech in 20/20 seemed rehearsed, and for obvious opinionated reasons, I believe certain elements of the interview were cut, such as KP saying he texted and called first before trying to track her app. There were probably several hours that the production crew and interviewer spent getting information, but how they chose to report it, is how journalism works.

                   CG doesn’t believe this is a hoax or scam….because that would imply he was duped, and got famous for it, and is a big fat lying doo doo head. I’m not sure we needed 47 videos, facebook pages, groups, websites, twitter accounts, hashtags, video blogs, and interviews to prove that he is an all powerful sex traffic victim helper and savior of mankind using his Kidnapper Whisperer tricks.

How does the guy ever manage to get work done? I don’t know how Jen Gamble manages to home school with 5 kids, run a ranch/farm, a Beach Body biz, and all the stuff that comes along with her own hobbies and most likely CG’s full time secretary. Working overtime putting out fires all over the interwebs because of her husband, but it was probably a nice few week Christmas break from teaching, and not having much to do.


               Rumors. Rumors are what this, that, and every story or conversation is started. ‘’Guess what I heard about Mom?!” or “I got a raise at work!” or even “I’m pregnant.” These are sentences with great power, entrusted to the person they’re talking to, that this is a private conversation, that sentences can’t get repeated, that stories can’t get embellished, that details just don’t seem to have enough detail, and before you know it, you’re spreading rumors, just like I’m typing right now.

Old school way of thinking is ‘Don’t believe anything you read and only half of what you see’. The logical reasoning behind that is that you shouldn’t believe anything you learn in school, nor should you believe the very sentence that itself is written.

 Rumors, just as much as kidnappings, murders and violent crimes, are usually about love, jealousy, greed or sex. I’m not sure which one she was released by, or decided to come home over. Was there a message in the news reports? Was there a coded phrase that meant do a certain thing, like change location, or be found at this spot on this day? When she found, the officer told her Happy Thanksgiving, and she said ‘Oh, it’s Thanksgiving night?” Maybe you couldn’t tell the sun was about to come up, or maybe she didn’t know what day of the week it was let alone the calendar date, but it seemed that to verify right away that she was indeed back on the day Keith promised was something she was assured of when found. It was Thanksgiving Day.

Was thanksgiving going to be at his house, and he needed to get up early to shave the turkey? Lame story. Was he up every day at 4 those whole 3 weeks, hoping for a phone call? Wasn’t he always waiting for a phone call? Was his A-team gone that day?  


So back in mid-November after CG was brought on board, by the family friend, who is the self entitled spokesperson, he is getting the ‘’50k Wire Transfer’’ going to make good on the letter he put on a website, letting the kidnappers know that there was a reward for Sherri’s safe return.

When she wasn’t returned, he upped the ante by publishing another video, days later, this time telling the kidnappers that this was a 6 figure amount based on the capture of the kidnappers.

It’s not even known yet if Sherri is alive, and he is offering money to find her abductors.

CG states that 50K came from the Anonymous Donor and the other 50K is from the GoFundMe account, and it was given to him on Nov 23rd. IF KEITH GAVE CG 50K ON NOV23RD, THEN HE HAD TO HAVE REQUESTED IT NO LATER THAN THE 21ST, BUT MOST LIKELY AS FAR BACK AS THE WEDNESDAY BEFORE WHICH WAS NOV 16TH. CG never said that KP had withdrawn the money several days in advance considering that GFM policy is: Upon request of funds, the entire available balance is sent. You can’t pick an amount.

GFM takes 2-5 business days for deposit, and possibly a few more days for your bank to verify funds, or 7-10 days for a paper check. When requesting a deposit, it automatically sends you the full amount available.

So that means that ON Nov 23rd, the day CG told the AMA in Reddit, that KP gave him 50k from the GFM, that it hadn’t been requested prior, and since he would have had to, chances are that there wasn’t 50K yet. For 2-5 business days prior to being guaranteed deposit by Nov 23rd, KP would have had to request the funds no later than Wednesday, November 16th, to have no later than 5 business days later, the 23rd. The GFM account wasn’t AT 50K YET. And per CG anyway, they never had any plans on spending the money. That’s obvious when you can’t even back up a lie about that very thing. Nov 16th is when they met, but he never said he told KP to pull the funds. LIARS

Family stated 25% of it was used on a PI. That may cover a PI’s expenses for a few weeks, to a few months max, unless any work after that is Pro Bono.

SP and her family’s sighting was nearly 6 weeks to the day. Any bruises and ouchies were cleared up, and not visible with a high powered lens from far away, on a cloudy day.  

This story has found its way the bottom of the urgent pile due to lack of solid evidence, and abundance of things that don’t make sense, possible addiction, eating disorder, and even more so now, extra counseling for PTSD and any other mental health issues she may be dealing with. I hope she receives them all.

According to her Wedding blog, Keith moved in with her in 2006 after she moved back to Redding, during another possible kidnapping rumor in 2006, and survived to go on and marry Keith a few years later.
According to people that were close to her, Sherri has exhibited the same type of characteristics, personality, and lying habits, that everyone said she was every where she lived. If this is true, she has survived 4 kidnappings. Thank Goodness Cameron Gamble lived in Redding.

Without all the make-up, I see a woman whose face shows more age that should. She’s not a cigarette smoker, yet her face and body show signs of malnutrition, and maybe a few unhealthy addictions. A person’s face says a lot.
I get that certain people want to protect her. And if it’s true, that she did indeed fake her kidnapping, has eating disorders, additions, and mental health diagnosis, then absolutely she needs professional help and time to heal.
If she committed a crime, we can only TRUST that LE will assess the situation and crime accordingly. Sherri’s case, of disappearance or kidnapping, may go dying in the night.

Rumors of a lot of drama and taking sides in the family due to what happened, is a normal response. Being a unit is more important right now, and it seems some are able to do this. Obviously not all believe her. Pulling the kidnapping away from hoax, and more towards mental illness and addiction takes some of the criminalist liar out of the equation. It draws more sympathy than anger. I feel sorry for her already.

I can’t imagine being at that balloon release and wondering where half the family is, only to find out later that she was back, and no one told them yet. I can imagine that neighbors wouldn’t be the first, but certainly immediate family.
But then again, most of the family didn’t exhibit that urgent, pressing, unknown of ‘Where is my daughter, niece, grandchild, loved one?” Where’s my daughter, where’s mommy? Please help us” …
I know everyone reacts different, but it doesn’t seem like anyone was honestly that worried that she could possibly have been deceased. The family and friends were active on SM in their postings of her, other missing people, and the plea to share her missing post. Everyone was resiliently optimistic that she would return.




Anything less than perfection is failure. ~ Sherri’s Diary (jk)

Between the time that she graduated from Central Valley High School in 2001 and got together with Keith in 2006 in Redding, she moved around to a few different cities, from San Ramon to Huntington Beach….

When she lived in Huntington Beach 10-15 years ago, she told people that she had an ex that kidnapped and beat her.
When she lived in San Ramon 10-15 years ago, she told people that she had an ex that kidnapped and beat her.
When she lived in Redding 10 years ago, 2006, she told people (her in-laws told people?) that she had an ex that kidnapped and beat her.
Now still living in Redding 10 years later 2016, she was kidnapped and beat.

I haven’t found anyone in Costa Mesa, or any other city so far, but that’s 4 times so far!!

Not only did she tell people this in each place she lived, she also had the mysterious ‘heart condition’ that would draw attention. Several people throughout not only her youth, teen years, and adulthood have noted her desire for attention, and the strange ‘’bad heart condition’’ that would suddenly flare up when she probably wasn’t getting attention. Persons in more than one of these cities discussed knowing her and giving those same lies to people.

 I messaged with someone who knew her during the 2001-2006 period when she didn’t live in Redding. If ANY part of our conversation is proved untrue, I will retract.

I messaged this person a few days ago and we’ve had some short text conversations, and I assured this person I wouldn’t identify them, unless they wanted me to. They haven’t said yay or nay on that, so I’m continuing the safe way.

We’ve gone back and forth a few times, and it seems to me that this is a genuine person that knew her, and is willing to answer questions.

As of this very moment that I’m writing this (over the last week), I have not gotten proof of knowing SP, but did get status of how this person knew SP, but considering I discovered OTHER SOURCE, and they did not question me for info, or in any way act like they had something to hide, I assume they’re telling the truth.

OTHER SOURCE had a few things to say about SP when her story first came out.

-        Sherri used that heart condition excuse for sure when OTHER SOURCE knew her, was used in multiple towns, and told to multiple people.

-        Sherri said she had been beat and kidnapped prior to meeting OTHER SOURCE, and that scars she had on her were from these beatings.

-        Very likely suspect BPD based on how she acted when OTHER SOURCE knew her.

-        I messaged OTHER SOURCE and asked if they were someone that knew SP.

They replied that they had closely known her, but not currently in contact.

-        I informed the person that I was researching this story, and anything they could share with me would be greatly appreciated.

-        OTHER SOURCE told me that they were willing to answer questions when the incident occurred, and even received voice mails from people they didn’t know, but never returned them, even though has no problem helping out.

-        OTHER SOURCE found the Skinheadz blog online, printed it out, and confronted SP about it. SP admitted to writing it. They had a hearty discussion about it, and decided to move on and put it in the past.

About the blog – Sherri sister said in US Weekly “The Papini’s are very private people, and don’t post things to the internet”. But Sherri wasn’t a Papini in 2003 when she wrote the blog and her ex husband says it’s MOST LIKELY not her. That reasoning is invalid. (All links in Part 1. Story hasn’t changed)

OTHER SOURCE confirmed printed out story and confronted her.

-        OTHER SOURCE confirmed that prior kidnapping and beating stories had been told to them by SP. That scars she had on her body were from this prior incident. (This part about scars on her from being kidnapped was told to people in at least 2 different towns).

-        I felt bad to read about the hurt and confusion that was brought on by SP. OTHER SOURCE was close to SP, although it’s entirely possible that other people were closer, in different ways.

-        OTHER SOURCE confirmed knew her some time during the 01-06 time period, and did not have many friends in common. Other than those few voicemails that they never returned, I am the first person OTHER SOURCE has talked to about the SP case.

-        I asked about eating habits, or whether they knew her husband David at the time, and a better timeline of when knew her.
-        OTHER SOURCE confirmed that eating out often and her being an excellent cook did not flag OS to suspect an eating disorder. Said that SP ate a lot, often and never gained weight....                  
I am going to interject in the middle of their response to say this; It’s very likely that she was throwing up. Bulimic people are usually not loud ‘vomiters’, as it’s not something they want to draw attention to. If she was suffering from an eating disorder, a rumor dozens of people have said, and then it’s very likely that she was purging, and claiming ability to eat whatever they want and not gain weight.

ALSO, due to possible excessive vomiting over the years, your esophagus becomes stripped over time of its lining, from the stomach bile burning it over and over and over again. Coughing up blood due to screaming on Thanksgiving morning could very well be something that happens easily if she is purging. This is purely speculation.

-        Continuing…. – OTHER SOURCE states that the Boob job rumor is just that, a rumor. Said SP is naturally busty and petite. After some time, SP moved back to Redding, where she was from, and OS would occasionally contact each other by phone or email until it just faded out. A few years ago, OS stated was working in NorCal, and emailed SP. SP stated that she had just had daughter, and that there was complications in the birth on her end.

-        OTHER SOURCE was completely surprised when found out on news, that SP had been married the whole time they knew her. OS and any common friends were not aware of this. OS states that sometimes men in military do so to gain benefits, but is unaware of the reason why SP married him. Either way, OS was unaware that she was married.

-        OS said that SP definitely had issues, and had faked pregnancies, faked kidnappings, and was dramatic in arguing in that SP jumped out of a car at a red light, convincing OS that there was something mentally wrong.

“She faked pregnancies, had supposed heart conditions that required attention from people, and acted very much like someone with BPD now that I know what that is.” OS

If this is all true, then it squashes a few rumors, and adds some in its stead. One thing for sure is known; Sherri Papini isn’t giving any statements. Her family is saying very little, and Law Enforcement hasn’t released evidence findings or a statement themselves in a while. This whole case is mystifying as it is full of holes.
Even verifying the source does not make everything that any one says true. Every part of Sherri Papini’s disappearance up until now, is rumors.

Scientific evidence, forensic technology experts, and DNA are what the truth is in this case.

Analysis is still the same….

Friday, January 20, 2017

Sherri Papini. The Super Mom Saga Part 1


This is a current unsolved case. This story includes factual events along with theories and speculation.
Also, events that may have occurred, along with statements given by key players in the story, could even not be true.  
If her story is entirely true, then I will retract this.
I will remove this post, not my entire blog.
            Sherri Louise Graeff Papini (SP) was reported missing by her husband Keith Papini (KP) On November 2, 2016, in the evening after coming home from work. The abductors had at least a 4-6 hour head start.

            She was a stay at home mom, who enjoyed selling merchandise online, spending time with her pets, gardening, eating healthy extra low calorie foods, posting A+ things to Pinterest, and taking the kids places, like the park and day care. Sometimes it’s hard to be a Super Mom. For Sherri's sake, I hope she overcomes all that she went through, and strives to be a good person, wife and mom. Ever more so than before. She's with her family and safe now.
Regardless of the outcome, everyone involved should at least be happy about that. 
            Sherri sent a text to her husband asking him if he was coming home for lunch. She walked out the door to go for a jog, and that was the last time anyone heard from her until November 24, 2016. It was Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. The very day Keith was rumored to have told his children that she’d be home. Was it wishful thinking, or knowledgeable information on Keith’s part? We’re still waiting for that answer.
Keith saw the text on his personal phone a few hours after receiving it. There's no proof that there was an argument the night before, or the morning of, or if he usually left his phone in the car, or didn't answer her texts. But she had left the house. When Keith arrived home from work, he was not greeted by his customary daily routine of the household running into his arms, making carpet snugglies, Stepford Family style. He was immediately alarmed that his wife and children were not in his presence. He texted and called, but I'm not aware of the number of times each, nor what he said, or if he left a voicemail. Keith calls the kids’ day care to find out when Sherri had picked up the kids. She hadn’t. They were still there. I imagine they would have been closing soon too. Keith calls his mom, Kathleen Papini, to go get the kids from day care

What was definitely effective in looking for his wife was a handy app he had installed on both phones prior, called Find my Wife. I'm sorry, I meant ''Find my Phone".

He set out to find Sherri, via her phone, which I assumed he assumed she’d be holding, but was failing to reply to his possible numerous texts, but again, he’s definitely looking for Sherri, via an app. He gets in her car to follow the signal. The app directs him to the corner down the road a ways from his house. The corner where the mail boxes are. He doesn’t find Sherri, but follows the apps GPS signal to the exact location of her phone, which is lying neatly on the ground, with earphones and strands of hair attached. Rumors of clothes and shoes are found, and I’m sure are numerous drug baggies littering the area, but the phone happened to look like evidence to Keith, and he had the forethought to take a picture of it, just in case Law Enforcement needed proof. The screen shows 75% battery left, and may indicate how long it was sitting there, especially if LE performed a test and fully charged it, then let music play on an app, which it was, when it was found, and see how long it takes to get to 75%. What a smart guy. Good thinking.

 Keith now calls the police to report his wife missing. Per his 20/20 interview, Keith states that he tells 911, “It’s real. It’s real!”…I feel like “This time, I swear!” is left out, but that’s just me. Shasta County issues a 50K reward to anyone with information leading to her whereabouts.
There are police reports putting SP at the mall, maybe at a salon, maybe not alone, might have seen her jogging at 11, some not sure see her jogging at all, maybe some road workers saw her, not sure, maybe a sighting at a medical center, somewhere else about town, pulling money out somewhere….yet no concrete evidence, and then you have people not even verifying or denying that they made that police report. Either everyone is dumb, or everyone was told not to talk, which didn't even go over well for some. Evidence, whether any, a little, or a lot, collected by either the Sheriff's Office, the FBI, the DOJ or a special State's office, has yet to be made public.

 The back story.

After Sherri graduated from Central Valley High School, where she enjoyed playing sports and being in clubs, like Drama, allegedly, she moved around a little. She spent some time in Huntington Beach, where she enjoyed the company of close friends who had her best interests in mind, and would develop sudden health problems, prompting the attention of those around her. I sure hope that she didn’t suffer greatly with this condition during her kidnapping. Another location of possible residence was San Ramon, from 2002-2005. At some point during these years after high school, it’s rumored that she dated a Hispanic, married a Jew, and later married again and had Italian babies. It would seem unlikely that this would be a racist women, or she enjoys all races, one or the other. Keith made it a point to say it wasn't a race war, and she was still missing, so I guess he just wanted to get that out there. I get a White Power vibe from the family, and in light of the 2003 Skinheadz blog, (which her ex husband, David Dreyfus, defended her, saying it must have been written by someone else) vindicating her get beat up by Latino girls, and then fighting back, making her white daddy proud, well I just get tingly all over thinking about it. Maybe he wanted a white Son in law, and she was good and finding any but that. The ‘just keep walking’ line at the end sounds more like something someone would say if you just got in a fight, and the other person was begging for a whooping, you’d tell them to ‘just keep walking!’ She was what, 100, 90 pounds?

In the mix of those years, she met and married David Dreyfus, but I'm unable to verify whether they either lived together or consummated their marriage, based on a blog she wrote later about Keith, stating that she had never lived with a man, and was a good Catholic girl. Heck, I don’t even know if David knew he was getting a divorce as early as Sherri knew. Their divorce was finalized in 2007. Sherri and Keith were together as early as 2006, and engaged and married just a few years later. It’s rumored that she faked a kidnapping sometime around 2006. So much rumored that she was even taken for a whole week, and then returned, apparently into the arms of ?. Sound familiar?
But now there's Keith...

An engagement, a wedding, and not without a talented photographer.

A lot of these pictures, from 7 years ago, are what were used to describe here during her disappearance. I guess not much of her looks had changed. I don't think she was dressed in makeup to go jogging, so maybe one of those pictures would have helped more.

How important those photos would be later when plastered all over the internet, on the news, in the paper, on Social Media, on posters. Hey, I’d definitely want good pictures of myself if I ever went missing. I might even pick them out now, you know, ahem, just in case. But please! Someone use a really bad, ugly, hair in a bun, no makeup, oily skin, in my pajamas, tore up picture of me, because Lord knows, that’s exactly what I’d probably look like. Not to brag, but I can make ‘tore up’ look good.
So she’s Super Engaged. She’s Super Married. She’s a Super Pie making Pinterest Queen. Time to add Super Mom. Sick of hearing that yet? Think you’re a bad mom because you don’t cut the freaking pie crust right? Not a Super Mom because you don’t have a babysitter, a nanny, and a day care?! Well, don’t feel bad! In your pajamas? Suffer from chronic pain, disabilities, hidden illnesses, work hard, sleep little…. Well YOU ARE SUPER MOM TOO! Fuck that. She doesn’t get to hold the title alone. And you know what they say about fat girls and getting kidnapped mmmmkay? A 12 year old could've kidnapped her.

So Sherri has little Pinterest, and Poshmark, and Mercari accounts and the kids are here, there, being busy toddlers and maybe life got a little boring, mundane. Maybe she decided she wanted a break, well more of what she was getting already, but that’s the thing, she just disappeared. There have been no eye witnesses that have come forward to say that A) someone saw her get taken B) someone saw her get dropped off C) someone saw her, or was a party to her disappearance during those 22 days D) someone with solid information come back with a lead that LE is willing to make public, or E) the LE won’t make everything public! AH Grrr says a Comfy Overstuffed Pillow Stuffed Armchair Detective…… dum dum DUMMMM….Let me get my magnifying glass, and see if we can go over some details, theories, speculations and rumors…and that’s EXACTLY WHAT THIS ENTIRE BLOG IS…along with my 2 cent analysis.

Moving on…

Let’s go back to Nov. 2. Keith has reported her missing, and the police are on the case. He (I assume) starts calling family, friends, anyone, and everyone, his lawyer maybe, to let them know that OUR SHERRI GIRL IS MISSING. Sherri may be the baby of the family, with 1 sister older than her, it’s quite likely that she may have been one of those baby talkers, and every time she did something cute, she got attention, and “Look at our baby girl!”. I swear it looked like her sister was visibly a little upset at the horrible, terrible thought of her girl being out there, alone, in a strange California basement, with bushy eyebrowed Latino girls. Did I say basement? Here, in California? Did she hearing anything? Did she hear water? Was she given a mattress? A blanket? Food? Water? Was she still in her same clothes the whole time? These questions are plagued by the family, as no one knows where Our Sherri is.

The next day, police and searchers start canvassing the area. A missing poster is started online and Sherri’s mom, Loretta Louis Graeff requested that they be forwarded on Social Media to Mexico, and requested that information be translated into Spanish. Details about her, as well as a pretty picture of her smiling was put on missing posters and put up through town. Keith was part of some searches during all this, so I’ve read. I'm sure money was tight, and him having to take off work and organize, or help in searches, was very time consuming. I guess living in a 95% white town of Redding, California, will make you definitely get that information translated, especially if it was rumored that she said that ‘Sherri is the poster child for White Supremacy’. Total rumor though, even if it is kinda true, but that’s beside the point.

Nov 5.  A 3rd party Contact called a family friend, Lisa Jeter (LJ). This person said to LJ, ‘Hey, I know this person name Anonymous Donor (AD) and s/he wants to donate money to help get Sherri back. “You should talk to Keith”. Don’t forget the name LJ. She facilitates most of the key factors of this case.
Before we go down this incredible rabbit whole which I imagine will sort of end close to something out of Alice in Wonderland, ‘Eat Me’, let’s look at some evidence. This has brought up more questions than can answer, and it’s a magical tunnel down here with all the gold dust and sparkly feathers and rock back, grave something something, supernatural tongue speakers. Nope!

Keith had found the cell phone. Sherri texts Keith asking if he’s coming home for lunch. Is this normal? Is it a tossup every day whether he will or not, or was he purposefully ignoring his phone, by leaving it in the car, and she was only texting to find out if he was coming home that particular day, at that particular time. Unknown.
Rumors that LJ saw SP at the mall with someone have not been verified, or denied. Oddly, neither LJ nor LE has made a statement about this. Strange. Maybe it’s part of the investigation. If it’s not true, then you would definitely issue a statement stating that you saw her, but we haven’t heard from LJ. It’s possible someone signed Sherri’s name in, just to say she was there, with a man, but how odd for a family friend to say that, and what reason, other than to stir things up if it’s not true; would she have to say that? Strange. And then this Anonymous Donor stuff. Where did he or she come from, and why did they call LJ, and why hasn’t this happened lots of other times in the past with other missing women?

Nov 5. The AD posts a letter stating that they are in town and leaving on the 6th (the next day, the very day another player yet to be announced ALSO leaves town) and will be offering this one and only time 50K for the return of Sherri. LE tells the AD (IMHO, a player already in this game) to not do that, that it was a bad idea. AD does the exact opposite.
            Nov 6. The AD sets up a website and more are created AD sets up an email; bringsherrihome AD creates a facebook page. AD calls LE to tell them that they have 50K for a reward, or ransom type offering for her return. LE doesn't want AD to do that. LJ agrees to talk to AD, via 3rd party Contact (as of yet, unknown, if actual, person).

Nov 7. AD contacts LJ and lays out what they’ve already installed online, and what the plan is. Also, LE has brought KP in for questioning, and submitted to a lie detector test, although inadmissible, is told he passes with no involvement with her disappearance, as his alibi of being at work is rock solid. Still, no one has come forward to say they witnessed, saw or heard after the fact, found, or learned of anything pertinent to the case. The only thing known about SP that day is that LJ may have seen her at mall, someone might have seen her at the doctor, and a text to KP.
The time she disappeared has not been firmly established.

Nov 8. LJ talks to KP about the AD. LJ tells the AD that KP is just not ready at this time for assistance of that caliber, as it might draw out subhuman types of people, and he is steadily working on an all out A-Team of bad asses. Everyone sits tight and hangs on, waiting for one of the hundreds of tips to pay off. The AD, in the meantime, has apparently left town, as promised, on the 6th, just like Cameron Gamble said he did. The AD is super big hearted, and even though there was another woman that went missing the same day, as well as many other women and children constantly, this was a rare moment of beautiful humanity, to step in and make a website, and offer money, so discreetly, and yet so UNdiscreetly, to SP only. I do wish the AD well wishes, as do the families of the other missing, who would love to have an extra 50K thrown on their loved ones reward.
Nov 14 KP contacts LJ, and says that after a week of getting nowhere, he’s willing to accept the AD help.
Try to keep up here. 
Nov 15 LJ contacts the AD and asks if they still want to be involved. AD agrees. LJ then tells AD, that AD should contact someone she saw give a speech a few years back, but maybe goes to her church, and he’s on the cover of lots of websites, so I’m sure he looks familiar, but you should call him, because he works with Human Trafficking, and he’s a badass Kidnapper Hunter, and his miracles pulled off on YouTube are nothing short of a Super natural miracle, but I only met him once. His name is Cameron Gamble (CG) “You should give him a call” says LJ to AD, someone she doesn't know is being referred to someone she barely knows. I’m not sure why she would tell someone not involved, to go call him, when I’m sure she could have just told KP to contact CG, especially considering that he’s the expert, and she’s the family friend, and the AD is the guy with the money, there should be a meeting consensus, but call CG first and see what he says, or I will, no biggie. LJ initiates.
Scene 2 Take 2

Enter Cameron Gamble. He started a not for profit company a few years back, that never really took off, Project Taken, which helps rescue kidnapped, missing or lost children sold or traded into the Sex and Human Trafficking business. He is a military vet, and has a bunch of classified, confidential, secret mission programs no one's ever heard of. He flies all over the world, helping missionaries survive harsh conditions. He throws people into cargo containers and gives them a rough run down of what they’re going to go through when they get to this other hostile territory, other than Chicago and the whole state of Florida. He goes to Bethel Ministries, and teaches survival to missionaries.  

Nov 15 cont. long day. LJ told AD to contact CG. LJ contacts CG in person. LJ gives CG the contact info for AD and KP. CG is briefed by LJ and later by KP about as many details of the case as possible. AD contacts KP and informs him that he wants to help bring his wife home.
If any of this is not true, then LJ, and CG, and KP are all lying, and there is NO AD. And there probably isn’t a 3rd party contact either. Neither that person, nor the AD has been verified as different players in this story. As of yet, these 3 people have not been verified. 1) Who was the 3rd party Contact who called LJ and told her about the AD? 2) Who is the AD? 3) Who kidnapped, or helped SP stay gone for 22 days?
Up to this point, LJ has been indirectly involved in the case, as well as a few other back players we’ll get back to. Next few days are pretty busy.

Back to CG, he and his wife live on a 10 acre ranch, have 5 kids, home school, and dabble in the Beach Body / Kidnapper Hero / Sex Trafficking saviors / YouTube extraordinaire business entremanure folks. He states, mostly on YouTube, Reddit, and some 20/20 tidbits, (well more so on his own website, now that he has one) that he helps missionaries learn survival techniques, and help them deal with hostile situations in other countries, using shipping containers set up as various geographical scenarios. He said that less than 2% of his income comes from donations. There is no denial from him that he is a member or that he is paid by them, so I’m assuming his money comes from Bethel Supernatural Mega Church. The church profile at talks about CG.
Simpson University, where CG went and got a degree in Psychology has giant write up about him, and since this whole fiasco with SP, he has started a website, a facebook page, a facebook group, and probably a few Reddit accounts, Twitter, everything about him, his success, and his non for profit company Project Taken, which I couldn’t help but notice is not a wholly real company, but also #ProjectTaken was not hash tagged from 2012-2016….until just a few months before Sherri went missing.

Nov 16 Cameron met up with KP. KP asked CG to pick up the AD from the Sacramento International Airport, as the AD was arriving from overseas, per CG. If this is not true, both CG and KP are lying, and there is NO AD. AD emailed a letter to CG, while on ‘the plane’. CG gave a lot of info about this meeting on the Reddit AMA. CG says was emailed confirmation of a flight. No flight confirmation was vetted. CG says he meets the AD for the first time at the airport. AD (who has NO say so in speaking for the family whatsoever, and has supposedly never met the family, suggests that this new person, CG, whom everyone has JUST met, should be the person who SPEAKS FOR THE FAMILY. CG and AD and KP talk until after midnight. CG and the AD work on editing the letter for a 2nd edition. This is the letter that CG insisted by translated into Spanish, and the Spanish info was never updated. He also refused to answer why. So much concern for things to be forwarded to Mexico, and translated into Spanish. This is California. People don’t flip out if something isn’t translated. Half the people here speak Spanish!

Nov 17. The stage is set. The letters reworded. Everyone is awaiting further professional heroic instructions from CG on what to do next. They agree to turn on the website, which is down now. The letter is never updated in Spanish, with the new phone numbers. CG has a trauma doctor on standby, in case Sherri is returned in such bad shape, that an ER ‘treat and release’ can’t handle. She might need actual medical attention. According to Keith’s statement around the 20/20 time, he says ‘Thank you to the medical personnel that treated and released her the morning she was found’. He does not thank any doctors who treated her burn, her starvation, her dehydration, her bruising, her malnutrition, and her infections. This chick came out of being kidnapped for 3 weeks, better than some people are after a 5 mph fender bender. That’s one tough anorexic chick right?!

Key wording from CG regarding the 2nd letter, “The point was NEVER TO PAY a ransom or bounty. It was to inject possibilities into what seemed to be an impossible situation.” Let me break this down for you a little. 1) CG never had any money wired to him, and he never had any intention of paying anyone, because 2) there’s no one to pay, because it would be impossible. (It is impossible to pay money you don’t have, to an abductor that doesn’t exist. That’s why it was an impossible situation). That there is leakage. I never had the money, and I was never going to pay anyone. Period.

Nov 18. Per CG, 50K in ransom money, that he never intended on paying mind you, was wired out of AD account and into CG account, and neither has a bank in town, but they are able to find a bank manager to work with them, and just hand them 50K in cash. CG states that he withdrew in from his bank, but also says his bank is in Texas, so unable to clarify so many lies. Now, if you’ve ever worked in a bank, like I did, and did high volume of bank wires, like I did, then you should have no problem telling us what the BANK CODE for your two banks are. Then you also need a routing and account number, and you also have to do it before 2pm EST, or you can’t get it until the next day, and you can only get it out of your account once it’s verified. If the AD had to wire money to CG, because AD’s bank was out of state, why did AD wire it to CG, if his bank is ALSO out of state? (Go back to first letter, where AD states is leaving town on the 6th. So did CG). CG starts contacting MSM, because he’s in the spotlight now.

            CG launches 2 videos. Ransom goals. Get Sherri or get info. This is a supposed, highly qualified, experienced, doctorate level negotiator, issuing YOUTUBE VIDEOS TO THE SUPPOSED KIDNAPPERS. A YouTube video. But he didn’t say it in Spanish, DARN!
Nov 23 A 3rd YouTube video is released. This time it’s the Bounty Ransom Reward video where he states that a 6 figure amount is for the arrest of the kidnappers. SP isn’t even known to be alive or safe yet, and someone is saying they will pay 100K to whoever ‘did it, or else!’He confirms to Reddit, that half was from the AD, and the other 50K came from the Go Fund Me account. When was the money requested to be released? What day did KP get the money in his bank, and withdraw 50K to give to CG? How much money was collected on GFM by then? When did KP get 50K from GFM, and give it to CG, who stated he never planned on giving it to anyone?! CG warns the kidnappers that they better release her in the next 24 hours or else you won’t get any money! With 30 minutes left to go in the ‘Video Warning’, she is dropped on the side of the road, 150 miles away, without anyone collecting money, without any major injures needing anything other than a ‘treat and release’, and poof, just like that, Sherri is back.

            Sherri is thrown out of a vehicle at 4:30 AM, Thanksgiving Day, Thursday November 24, 2016. According the police statement and emergency phone calls, she is ‘heavily battered’, ‘chained to something’, ‘hair chopped off’, ‘beaten and starved’, ‘burned or branded’, a supposed loss of weight, and coughing up blood due to screaming so hard. She is unable to identify ANYTHING about her abductors, height, weight, eye color, vehicle make, model, plate number, sounds, visuals, the type of gun used, an y thing. The only statement LE has said about her abductors is that they are Hispanic women, who look the opposite of each other, and that’s it. There has been no warning about certain individuals, and because there is no proof, this is nothing more than ‘suspicious circumstances’, and was a ‘voluntary missing’ until she came back all beaten up, but was so MILDLY hurt those whole 22 days she was gone, returning miraculously on the rumored day that KP said she would be home, and did not need ANY EMERGENCY MEDICAL ATTENTION. What a trooper.

            The area she was returned was investigated and on nearby church, there were external cameras that showed absolutely nothing, when SP stated she went towards the church, but because it looked closed at 4:30 AM, she decided to go up the embankment to Interstate 5, and try and flag someone down to help her. This is not caught on that video system.

            Nov 24 As KP is driving quickly 150 miles away to rescue SP from the hospital trying to treat her, many friends and family are gathered together to do a Balloon Release, as a plea for Sherri’s return. As SP is being returned to her husband, he makes no effort to contact anyone in her family, nor anyone doing the balloon release to at least let everyone know, She’s Found!!! YAY! … Silence.
            Nov 25 SP calls Mayor Missy McArthur.
Nov 29 CG states that the 50K money that came from the AD is wired back and ‘ULTIMATELY ended up in the AD account.’ Why did 50K ultimately END UP in the AD account? Wouldn’t you just say “I wired the money BACK TO the AD”? CG is a LIAR, which means so is LJ, and so is KP, and so is the unknown 3rd party contact that doesn’t exist that connects everyone. LJ and CG are the biggest players here. Completely interjected at every turn.

KP talks to Good Morning America about the horrific sight of his pathetic, nausea inducing, physical description of his wife. He is just as disgusted about her appearance, as he is glad that she’s home, where she belongs, so he doesn’t have to raise the kids alone. If this was a real Gone Girl moment and SP did this to get attention from her husband, and she’s doing it because her husband is cheating, then what FEMALE is allllllll over this story? HMMM

Does Keith thank LJ in this statement, for all her hard work facilitating a meeting between the AD and CG, which ultimately helped get her released right?

            Dec 2 CG and KP do the 20/20 interview. Please avoid eating and drinking while watching as it may induce snorting fluids out your nose, possibly choking on food due to laughter, and maybe a few folks that wished they did their kegals more. KP describes SP pretending to be a mommy and being so psychologically scarred that she pretended she had little ‘blanket babies’ to play with, and put down for naps. I so wish she could remember more about her abductors, location, and evidence of an abduction. These people were really really smart not to let anyone witness the abduction, witness the drop off, and yet be so stupid not to take the money, let alone let her go and identify them! KP admits that SP is suffering from some PTSD type episodes and will need a long time of counseling and healing.
            Dec 3 A welcome home party in Redding for SP.

The Redding city council meeting.

Sacramento Bee story.

            Dec 9 Law Enforcement issues a statement that they have no reason to NOT believe her, but no proof. This case is very unique. Very. Unique.
            It's difficult to be an attention seeking overachiever. There's lots of lies and stories to keep up with. On Dec 8th, Peter Hyatt, Speech Analysis, publishes his take on the 20/20 interview. It's very interesting...

And here is his analysis on the Ransom Reward ... poo poo

Dec 30 CG does an Ask Me Anything, on Reddit. It’s more like a Ask him Anything, but he’s only going to answer the easy questions that everyone already knows about, and the only thing that seems to be new info, is the question of his Military Records, which apparently takes 7 videos, with a former Seal, thousands of miles away from home, over the course of several days, just to vet him. I think there’s a paper that does the same thing, but no one ever said he was smart. He even tells people to go get Don Shipley to vet him during the AMA. Within a few days, he’s at this guy’s house, and I don’t even think anyone asked him to. Guilty people usually throw out every alibi possible without even being asked to verify one, that’s how you know people have secret agendas, they become famous overnight because of shoving their face into a case that had NO reason to, unless you’re shady and scandalous and greedy!
This is CG with DS doing videos to vet his military background, which wasn't so much the question as was his awards and training skills, at a doctorate level. Try to watch all 7 videos, and if you do, you're braver than me. But definitely read the comments, that's where the real action is.

Jan 9. SP and KP and kids are seen back in Redding at their home, handling menial affairs about the animals, checking on things it appears, and just like that…back in hiding. She was photographed in lots of hats, and hoodies, covering up that chopped hair, while KP is wearing a ‘Best Dad’ sweatshirt. They look depressed and defeated. I wonder what KP thinks about having to leave the home he grew up in. I think a lot of people, including myself, wouldn't think it was a hoax so much, if you'd just come out and say something, prove it, yes, prove it.

Around the time she was ‘released’, things on the Internet regarding her online shopping accounts, social media accounts, and Internet activity regarding her, has been changed and/or updated. LE states is aware of activity. Twitter accounts pop up; fake no less, by trolls or busy bodies. Even a LJ account pops up. As of today, the KP and SP twitter accounts have been deleted, but hers remains, with a special note to KP “<3 XOXO”. Nice touch.

            As of this time, KP SP and children are unknown whereabouts, and the families aren’t saying much at all. Not only is it smart on their part at this time, but I'm sure it's advice from LE. Yes, SP, I do hope in time you will tell us your story. Until then get lots of rest and care. There have been many rumors, speculations, falsities, and accusations being passed around faster than a rumor in a trailer park. CG and his wife JG, as well as a few possible eyewitnesses, and players in this game, are members of the Bethel Supernatural Ministries where gold dust, and magical feathers fall down and you can speak tongues and even buy Civic Centers and run for office. Very supportive church. Extra supportive.

            The other friends and family involved, but not mentioned in this blog can be found online, in the links, in interviews, and on SM. They are …

-       LJ and her husband - owners of Jeterbuilt, a construction company. (My opinion is that LJ is much more personally involved that letting on)

-       Christine Everson – A woman who called 911 after possibly seeing someone who looked like SP, in the company of 2 men at a truck stop, just miles from where she lived, the day before she was dumped on the side of the road 150 miles away. She also happens to run a business involving planes and helicopters, and ironically CG is trying to be a pilot. She too is believed to go to Bethel Church.

-       The other possible 911 callers, namely one who stated that she saw ‘a woman with long blonde hair’. This could be mistaken, since I assume if SP wanted us to believe her hair was chopped off, that would be something done BEFORE you’re found.

-       Richard and Loretta Graeff, who reside in Arizona, are mildly posting on fb about her disappearance. She wants to make sure the fb missing posts are forwarded to Mexico. It seems like a soft plea as she’s randomly reviewing restaurants and playing fb games, while her daughter is missing, and possibly dead. They must know more.

-       Kathleen Papini and Rod Rodriguez III, KP’s mom and step dad. They live in the Redding area and see KP and SP often, at least once as week to play with and babysit the kids.

-       Kenneth Papini, KP biological father.

-       Suzanne Papini, KP's sister

-       Sheila Graeff Koester, SP's sister. She is pregnant and expecting. I bet she could use some attention right now, and someone else is stealing her thunder.

-       David Dreyfus. SP’s ex-husband that not many people knew about, possibly including KP, well, up until last month he may not have.

-       Numerous people that SP went to school with, may have dated, friends that knew her, and people that couldn’t stand her. A lot of rumors involving her making up medical conditions to get attention. Telling people she was abused and previously kidnapped by an ex. WAIT. SHE’S BEEN KIDNAPPED TWICE NOW?! And both times she was OK?! Wow, I hope that's a rumor right?


There have been some random writers, bloggers, bitchers and whiners all talking smack about everyone else. We all do, but sometimes people get transparent, and play child's games, and are just plain bullies, instead of literary enthusiasts, and I don't have any good links for most of them anyway.

There have been much more people who are genuinely interested in this case, some completely believing she was miraculously returned by the hand of God, and some that believe it’s a Hoax, but short of LE making a statement or an arrest, there isn’t much us Comfy Armchair Detectives can do other than speculate, and speculate we do. Sometimes we cross the line. Either way, I know many of even hoaxers, like myself, wouldn't wish ill will toward people. They're not all bad. And she could be totally truthful. WE don't KNOW for SURE.
The theories, rumors and speculations revolving around the internet are:

A lot of players are involved with Bethel Supernatural ministries, and others believe it to be a cult. It is a MegaChurgh that owns City buildings in town. There are a lot of parishioners, and they all protect their church.

There are gangs of Sex Traffickers that take random women. I'm sure it's possible to kidnap someone from behind, especially if they can't hear you due to the music playing in your ear, and rip your ear phones off, throw your phone down, cover your mouth, put a bag over your head and throw you in the trunk of a car, especially on a deserted road.
If it's not true, disappearing right there is pretty desolate anyway. I wouldn't want to mysteriously go missing on jogs in the country, and I live in the country, and my ass jogs around the house.

There seems to be a Beach Body / Sex Trafficking Heros / Money / and a church…all mixed up in this, with possible political ties as well. What a mess.
SP withdrew $1200 and may have paid day care. How much? How much was left in wallet? What other bills might she have paid?
The AD stating on the 5th, that they would only be in town, leaving on the 6th, just like CG did, and then miraculously left town, only to return on an international flight 10 days later. The AD also made no attempt to aid any other missing woman in the area. Bethel church must have guided AD to only help Sherri, who was returned alive, unbroken and for free, for the first time in kidnapping history.
Both CG and AD have out of state banks, but are able to facilitate a bank wire of 50K in a matter of hours, when other banks take 24 hours, and must be completed by a certain time of day, and the paperwork he submitted for AMA as proof looks like something my kid can make on MS Word. In fact, CG said his bank is out of Texas and a Texas church donated $5k to GFM. It could be an affiliate of another Supernatural church, but that’s not verified. What a nice church.
KP uses an app to find his wife. How many times had he done that before? Was she usually hard to find? Did she usually not answer your texts and calls? Did they stop wearing their wedding rings?
CG’s 3rd video gives the kidnappers 24 hours. They have until 5AM the next morning to return her. She is returned at 4:30 AM, no life threatening injuries, no ransom paid, and no abductors caught.
Very similar to the DeOrr Kunz case 18 months ago, when a man by the name of Kellen Marson interjected himself into that case, went to Idaho and personally accused the father of killing his son, caused a big ruckus, people were attacked verbally and physically, someone got hurt, and there was a bunch of videos, websites, blogs, facebook pages, and groups all talking about how fantastic of Backward Speech Guy he was because he studied what people said backwards, and that it revealed their true meaning, and he also does comedy hypnotism on the side. Crazy story but sadly still unsolved. Kellen took a bunch of stuff down and slinked away quietly I believe, I don't know because I don't care about him anymore.
Another rumor is that along with that Skinheadz blog she supposedly wrote about beating up a bunch of Latino girls, at 100 pounds soaking wet, or that she may have been posting on too. Either way, she dated a Hispanic, married a Jew, and had Italian kids. Was that to piss off Daddy? Where is the White Proud coming from? Is it really a race thing Keith?
Most people online that have said they met her, knew her, went to school with her, or had the unfortunate time of running into her, have mostly the same consensus…. That she is a narcissistic, self centered, attention whore, with pretty pretty princess long blonde hair, who totes has to be 99 and under, and everything she does in life is Pinterest perfect.
Unless LE releases a statement or new evidence, there is yet any proof or evidence whatsoever that she was indeed kidnapped. There is no motive for it as of yet, other than attention, money and fame so far. If it really happened, then WHY? so we can avoid it too.

This story has only raised 10x more questions than CG, or anyone else not involved, was capable of answering.

Was SP cheating?
Was KP cheating?
Was there any Domestic Violence? Even if not physical, there is emotional, financial, psychological, and sexual, among others
Was she drugged at all while abducted? Was she given any medication at all that she can remember, especially antibiotics for that possible infection she may have gotten from the branding.
How was she starved, but not dehydrated? Wasn’t she closer to 90 pounds when gone?
What was SP's relationship with her family, especially those that lived closest?

The entire story changes once CG, AD and LJ are wholly involved.

KP keeps all notes from her in 7th grade. Did he keep any one else’s notes? Did he throw them away when they got together?
He becomes the perfect person to feed her ego, and worship her.

The family is saving face by going along with it and being quiet, rather than look like embarrassed fools who were played by SP, yet again. Someone was nice enough to gently beat her so that she didn’t need medical attention. I’m sure her family is thankful for that. But you gotta be wondering WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?

According to the FBI on 20/20, they said it had the ‘hallmarks of a cult’. It’s pretty scary to know that there is a Mexican cult in California. I wonder what they worship. A white cult, probably want you for breeding, so there's that.

And yet so many other questions: (I am officially down this big fat hairy rabbit hole)

Did she have a period while gone?
Was she provided any protection?
Was she still wearing the same clothes as when she left? If not, what?
Was she given any medication? Was her brand infected?


What type of basement? Concrete, dirt, metal? What did you smell, hear and see?
Was she tied up with rope each time, and the rope cut and retied, or handcuffs?
Was she provided a toilet?
Was she raped?
Was a rape kit performed?
What was the message that was branded on her?
What part of your injuries required the most medical condition?
Why did Keith take a picture of her phone?
Did SP pick out the pictures for her missing poster before she disappeared?
How much of CG business is paid for by Bethel?
Why was his company Project Taken put on the back burner until right before SP went missing?
Why does SP have bad memories of home? Did something bad happen in the house? Did she want to move out of that house, and KP wouldn’t allow it?

Why did CG start afterward? Wasn’t he already an accomplished Kidnap Negotiator? At least per LJ, he seemed qualified remember?

Did KP or SP owe anyone a substantial amount of money?
Was a 2nd mortgage taken out on the house recently?
What date did KP request the balance of the GFM to be available for withdraw from his bank, in order to give to CG? He stated basically that had no plan on doing anything with it anyway.
Is it possible for a kidnap victim to refuse urgent medical treatment?
Is there any history, or medication related to Mental Illness?
Has SP ever had plastic surgery, nose job or boob job?
Is it not possible that a family member was helping her, since so much family, friends, and business owners in the area, including storages and CG’s containers? Lots of places to hide a person.

What did a possible hater have to gain by writing a blog about white power, and putting SP name on it? People would know she was white? And lived in a large white area, which is kind of rare in California, given the melting pot of people here.

Why didn’t LE take any pictures of SP?? Pictures of injuries, her body, bruising, where she was found, her clothes, her restraints, her shoes if any, fingerprints, why wasn’t this woman interviewed AT a police station AND at the hospital, and then she refused treatment?!

Has anyone else been interviewed or ruled out?
When was SP’s family notified that she was alive? After the balloon release?
Did KP normally wake up at 4 and shave?
Why delete wiccan, taxidermy and racist posts on Pinterest? I thought she was proud of who she was.

How many times in history has a person been kidnapped, not raped, no money received, and returned alive in such good health, after being tortured and starved for 22 days and received only ‘treated and released’ injuries, has this ever happened? NONE


They believe in change through political process. (SP went missing 5 days before voting, and it would have been much better for her case, if someone saw a bunch of Hispanics taking her. Is there a political connection at all? Or am I just the crazy lady that believes in conspiracy theories?)

Everyone involved in the case either goes to Bethel, went to Simpson University, or knows CG or LJ.

I hope LE is taking this seriously. There are too many missing people, genuine needed donation requests, and plenty of bored housewives to find another way to entertain themselves.

If Sherri Papini was indeed kidnapped, and it’s proven, and there’s an arrest, and it’s not anyone named here, then I’ll apologize for this blog.

Until then, here are some fine choices for your reading pleasure, including links to stories mentions in this blog.  (contact secret witness 530-243-2319)  – This is the email to the AD – Sheriff call logs from Shasta County – the church owns the City auditorium

To me, this feels like a classic case of attention seeking, Borderline Personality Disorder, with a side of Bipolar, the extra manic kind. Throw in some Narcissism, Vanity and possible past abuse, and you have a recipe for disaster. I hope she gets extreme mental health care. She should be inpatient, for at least a few months, with daily therapy. Getting on medication to stabilize her moods will help greatly. If what happened to her is completely true, and everyone is innocent, even the asshats, then I truly hope everyone is able to heal properly, and get proper help. If this is completely false, a total hoax, then

 Considering I'm only like the 999th person to write a story about this, if any of my above questions have been answered, please provide me with a link so I can verify and change.