Thursday, December 7, 2017

If YOU don't live your dream, Who Will?

Livin the Dream

To all my Hippies.....

      When you've survived a few situations and people, you get a different feel for life. It doesn't mean that the depression and anxiety suddenly go away, it just means that you struggle to try a little harder to enjoy and appreciate the simple things.

It doesn't come easy or overnight. It takes practice.

A lot of practice. 

And then you reevaluate things and set a new course. Living. Real living. Breathing easier.
Feeling happier. Letting go of the weight on your shoulders. Making memories.

Feel things.
Enjoying love a little more, by loving.

  Enjoy giving and helping. 
Be forgiving.

There's enough money in the world 100x over but not enough food and love.
Is that not tragic? What makes some so special that they got a million times more than what they need, but there's a million people who would take a drop of that?
There's not enough happy vibes and fresh air and full bellies and warm beds.

There IS enough people following other people's dreams. You don't have to follow your parents or your friends or the Jones'.

Those are their dreams. And heck, they might not have been following theirs to begin with either.
That's Bob's dream. You don't even know Bob. Fuck that guy.

You're grandpa's neighbor was a lawyer, so you're grandpa wanted to out-do him and be a doctor, and now you're in Medical School and a billion dollars in debt and insurance companies with big greedy grins shaking your hands and you just want to raise sheep, and you're miserable all because of some asshole that used to live next door to your grandpa. Go be a damn sheepherder!

 Who's stopping you?

Whatever you do, be the one that thought of it. Don't do it because someone else wants you to, do it because you want to. That's not a "Get out of Jail Free Card", that's a Do Right because you should, not because someone else wants you to, because you should just be a good person. That's a "Put on your Big Girl or Boy Pants", and accomplish you're life's goals and wants. Make them your own.

Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't live your dream, because it's YOUR dream.

Love to you all you batshit crazy homies too.