Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Coping Pill


       The coping pill. It's most commonly known as 'Psych Meds'. Thousands of variations of scientific chemicals meant to re balance organic chemicals in your brain.                                                                     

       Most people suffering from Anxiety or panic attacks take specific anti-anxiety medications. There are a tremendous amount of stressors in a persons life which may hinder the production of those chemicals in your brain, making medication necessary. Some take Mood Stabilizers for their Bipolar.
The downside to this, other than the numerous side effects such as suicide and weight gain, is that Bipolar means 2 sides, Down Depression and Up Depression.
       That very downside behind what's being prescribed to you, is based primarily on the varying degrees for both types of depression. There is no rhyme or reason to why certain meds work for some, and why they don't work for others.
It is likened to perfume. The formula itself can not be patented, since the base of each person's chemistry is different, therefore rendering numerous outcomes from each person.
Down; low demeanor, sleepiness, excessive crying and sadness, low tolerance to stress and triggering memories, is generally called Clinical Depression.

Up;  elated euphoria, excitedly talkative with a lot of energy, less need for sleep, and heightened desire for risk. This is Manic Depression.

       A large amount of questioning, evaluating, mood tracking and observation will determine how much of each Depression you suffer from, how often they cycle, how long they last, and if you experience both at the same time. The plethora of medications that require the 'Trial and Error' process, (that we all went through, until the right combination fits) can make the sanest person want to pull their hair out, which by the way is called Trichotillomania. It also includes picking at the skin. It's a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, OCD. A sister to Anxiety.
       Sadly, a large population of homeless individuals are not only in need of general well being, but their mental health goes untreated, uncared for and undeserved. Many are veterans, youth, disabled and/or suffering from a terminal illness.

       On the other side, the amount of people on medication for mental health is flippantly on the rise.  Tests to ensure that other situations or conditions are responsible are not given. In most cases, medication is prescribed, although many times it's the coping mechanisms that are not working for that individual. Non-medical options should be taught in conjunction to prescribed pills, while continuing to access the patients environmental stressors.
Many medications are blatantly over prescribed.

This is not for anyone to decide on their own right now to suddenly stop taking your meds. Just talk to your doctor about the absolute necessity of each one, and if there is anything else that can help you.
Do NOT jump off your meds!

One of the top non psychiatric meds prescribed is for high cholesterol. That, combined with so many prescribed for Anxiety, means that there are a lot of 'Nervous Greasy People' running around. That's my new band name. :)
        Before you go to psychiatric medication for the first time, or are reevaluating them now, think about what is making you feel this way. If you are suffering from an addiction, and are using to ease the pain of depression, YOU ARE NOT GOING FORWARD.  The depression pills may absolutely help you out of a dark place so that you have the energy and will power to quit the addiction, but don't use it as a crutch to ensure that problems in your life will never arise again, requiring you to cope with them.
Analyze your environment before taking any Chemical Cocktail that alters the chemistry in your brain. 

If there is no chemical imbalance then you will do more damage than good. 

There are many causes of environmental depression:

• marriage 
• work
• children/parent 
• home environment
• neighborhood
• home repairs
• health
• accidents/hospital stays
• safety concerns
• vehicle repairs
• money
• addictions 
• friends/family
• school

Including many endless possibilities such as:
overuse of electronics
the ending of a TV series
returning from vacation

        The list goes on, but these are the main stressors in a persons life. Dealing with, or rather COPING with any of them is most certainly anxiety inducing. The proper medication would be something that helps you COPE, not repair non defunct misfirings in your brain.
Just one, let alone many of these stressors can depress you so directly, that you do not enjoy the every day little things that give you most joy.
You're not happy at all any more, and unfortunately you may not be able to decipher whether it's coming from your diagnosed depression, or from your medications not working. Both require time and patience.

Something is making you unhappy. Work on identifying what that something is, and diligently try to change it, or learn how to cope with it. There is NO magic pill. 
If you are miserable because your marriage is miserable, a pill won't fix it. It can make you forget it, but that won't fix it.
If your job is stressful, and your boss is a jerk, there is no pill that will undo that.

         However, this doesn't always mean that you need a pill to alter your brain, when your brain had nothing to do with the cause of the depression I.e. The job, the house repairs, the bad relationship with your spouse....
You must learn to cope with things when there is not an imbalance causing the sadness and anxiety. Taking a pill won't make it go away, you must tackle it head on.
        Your job will not get better. Your spouse will not get sweeter. And your not going to suddenly drop pounds, look like a model and be the latest hot thing.
No magic pill for that either. It takes work. 

       There are many that are in need of them due to those imbalances that cause many of the same symptoms of depression or mania. Same goes for anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and several others who suffer from mental illness. Please, take these as needed and practice on your coping skills

As far as environmental depression, a pill will only make it worse on top of side effects. 
Learn to cope. Learn coping skills. Practice coping skills. Try mindful techniques designed for you to process it. Work on things. Make goals. Move. Change jobs. Suffer the interim. Learn. To. Cope. 

Cut the toxic negativity out of your life and find the coping skills that work for you


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