Friday, January 6, 2017

And so it begins. How self aware is our technology?

     It's here. Our busy and technology dictated, complicated reality and race to the finish has led us precisely to the point of once thought science-fiction. The movie Terminator comes to mind. A dozen different books and movies about computers and robots running our lives become art imitated.

And you brought them into your home to turn your lights on and off, record your favorite shows, set alarms, reminders and ask questions.
And here, is an example of an every day family owning a listening device. The government didn't put it there. You did. They're listening and you're letting them. Don't care? Well this girls parents might.

            "I like dollhouses and chocolate!" Poof.

I like chocolate, nachos, weed and sex, in no particular order, but imagine if "my house" heard me say that. One of those things may show up at my house' front door. My husband might not be keen on that, we have different tastes in chocolate. He might hurt the delivery guy.
And sure, of course we want to save that credit card on file!

Maybe one day you're arguing with a friend, or talking smack on your phone, "God damn I hate (Enter high profile name that warrants a visit from the Homeland Security) and wish they'd get (Enter manner of demise)!" and see how fast you'll be glad you bought something like this when your house is raided.

Google! What is the likelihood that I'm being monitored already, but now this makes it unequivocally easier to obtain everything you need to know?!"
(Thanks for blog website but nah)

Our smart screens have microphones, our cell phones have cameras and microphones, and our computers have cameras and microphones. But let's add one more that will not only monitor every one and every thing, but increase laziness (get up and turn of light, to clap it, to say it...whats next? think it?) as well as add a factor of creepiness to the whole level of Big Brother.

But if all those devices happen to be off, and you're vigilant and have your web cams covered.....there are still things your kids, probably spoiled brats who obviously have no clue of life before Internet. And you trampled the neighbors at 2am in MassProduction-Mart to get it too, or overpriced online with overnight shipping only to not have it work for 2 days. And to monitor your children...

Because that's what we love right? Easy!

"Make my life easier!", because somehow you were convinced of a 200k mortgage while hardly paying off your 50k in student loans, (and no those are modest numbers) and car payments, private schools, a 720 credit score, 2.5 kids that have 9 lessons and soccer every other night, and that by doing so, you'd have the American Dream! But all you did was go and made your own life harder, and in need of management. Oh are we so far off.
One day, People will decide to start becoming Self Aware themselves, and wake up, and realize you don't need anyone to listen in on you and tell you what to do!


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